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City Manager of Thousand Oaks Mr. Scott Mitnick paid a goodwill visit to Baheal Pharmaceutical Group

             Mr. Scott Mitnick, City Manager of Thousand Oaks paid a goodwill visit to Baheal Health Science Park in Qingdao on May 6, 2014. Officials from Shibei district including Economic Development Director Yongjie Chi, Tourism Bureau Director Mr. Hongnian Zhu, and Deputy Chief of Commerce Ms. Liping Tan joined Mr. Mitnick as honored guests. Mr. Gang Fu, President of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group and Mr. Ray Jiao, CEO of Tarcine BioMed, hosted the welcome reception at Baheal Health Science Park. 

             The City of Qingdao and the City of Thousand Oaks both play important roles in culture and commerce on each side of the Pacific Ocean. An official sister city relationship was formed between these two cities in February 2014 with continuous support from Mr. Fu since March of 2013. Both sides agreed to establish long-term collaborations with mutual benefits and to encourage extensive communications in the areas of culture, education, commerce, tourism, and so on.  It was Mr. Mitnick’s first visit to Qingdao after the sister city signing ceremony.     On behalf of Baheal, Mr. Fu warmly welcomed Mr. Mitnick and his companions. Mr. Fu presented an overview of Baheal corporate history, main products as well as corporate values. Mr. Mitnick appreciated the fast growth and global view of Baheal. He wished to maintain close contact with Baheal and Shibei, and contribute to the “win-win” collaboration. Mr. Fu also led a tour of Baheal Health Science Park and Baheal logistics center. Every guest was impressed with the GSP certified facility and strict quality control.     Mr. Mitnick received an exquisite gift from Mr. Fu during his visit. In return, Mr. Fu was gifted a “key to the City of Thousand Oaks” and an “Amgen Tour of California leader jersey” with good wishes for Baheal to be the industry leader. “It is wisdom that brought us together, we will strive to make this world a better place.” Mr. Mitnick said. He was deeply touched by Baheal people’s passion and dedication to the healthcare industry and was grateful for the effort from Baheal for facilitating the sister city collaboration. The goodwill visit concluded with fond memories of friendship and harmony.

President Mr. Fu and distinguished guests


President Mr. Fu introduced Baheal Products to Mr. Mitnick

President Mr. Fu and Mr. Mitnick toured Baheal logistics center