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The Global Healthcare Program has been launched in USA

Tarcine USA officially launched the Global Healthcare Program in Los Angeles, California. With years of experiences in Southern California health system connections to Southern California local networks, Tarcine offers executive health with an option of personalized tour. To create a personalized global health package for our Chinese clients, Tarcine USA has collaborated with the top three prestigious hospitals and health institutes in Southern California. Furthermore, for clients who need follow-up medical attention after physical examinations, we will immediately refer our clients to the most advanced medical resources available in Southern California. Our objective is to ensure our clients to receive professional, precise, superior and comprehensive healthcare package to our clients.  In addition to the state-of-the-art medical services, Tarcine also offers concierge service to make client experience pleasurable and our program unique compared to other global physical programs. The concierge service can have personalized activities based on client interest and preferences.

Tarcine is in the process of coordinating a trip to the Southern California for our first group of clients. We look forward to hearing from any potential clients and partners who are interested in collaborating with Tarcine.