NPCheck Result Analysis

Positive and Negative Results

Negative result of NPCheckTM represents there is no EBV Rta - IgG antibody detected in blood sample. In the contrary, the positive result show there is EBV Rta - IgG antibody and patient has s a risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. It is recommended to double check or observed with other diagnosis methods. Biopsy of pathology is also recommended when necessary. However, there is still risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, still need to be combined with other clinical data into when EBv Rta – IgG test showsnegative result. It needs to take into consideration with other clinical data for further analysis.


What to do for NPCheckTM Positive Results

When testing result shows "positive ", firstly we should be "Better Believe It", and then "Cautious Verification ". After "Careful Exclusion" from specialist, we would "Get it Right" at the end. In that we could eliminate any risk of potential diseases and get early prevention and treatment.

                   i.           " Better Believe It "

If Rta antibody shows positive in blood tests, never take it for granted that it is "false positive" instead of further research and analysis. Doctor should pay attention to the result.

                  ii.           " Cautious Verification "

In order to distinguish between “true and false", doctor should exclude the human factor at first, and then proof the clinical significance of Rta positive result according to the clinical diagnosis principle that a diagnosis judgment is based on the test result and clinical manifestations.

                iii.           " Careful Exclusion "

Even if clinical diagnosis does not indicate nasopharyngeal carcinoma, subjects should keep screening and monitoring every three months throughout NPCheck examination. As to those patient who get positive results three times continuously, they are highly recommended to go to the otolaryngology doctor.  Doctor will double verify the diagnosis, combing the clinical manifestation and other test results from complicated diagnosis instruments and equipment, even the biopsy of pathology, to rule out if there is a nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Secondly, patients should further refer to physician to see any risk of benign or malignant diseases of variety of lymphatic system caused by Epstein - Barr virus (EBv) infection, such as Hodgkin's lymphoma and so on.

                iv.           " Get it Right "

If the patient with Rta antibody positive result doesn’t have any organic diseases after a comprehensive clinical examination, it means that epstein-barr virus in the body of patient is active. It is the best time for patient to take action to eliminate the Epstein - Barr virus a latent stage in order to prevent disease. Never ignore it. Known as "kiss" virus, EB virus can be transmitted through saliva. Patient with EBv should eat carefully and pay attention not to cross-infection and spread epstein-barr virus.